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We are back on Odysee and now on Rumble!

Axe was able to upgrade restream thanks to everyone’s help! Thanks to the upgrade, we are back on Odysee and we are going to give Rumble a test run.

It’s $25 a month to stream on Rumble, and depending on how good we do there (being able to justify the monthly fee) we may stay or jump ship as fees do add up on our end. So while we are there now, enjoy a TV experience through the Rumble app, and please be sure to support him there if you want him to continue his run on Rumble.

(Note: Live chat does not have the ability to cross-post from Rumble or Odysee – if you would like to see your messages on the screen when you chat, you must use either Discord, Dlive, Twitch, Mobcrush or GoodGame. VK and Facebook will send messages but cannot receive cross-posted messages from the chat.)

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