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TidyLabs Bot Commands? Yes, all Choppers can use these!

Hey Choppers! Here’s an exclusive tutorial for dlive members! 🥰

Bots do various things to help around. They do not ALL do the same things as other bots from different sources. It depends on what it was programmed to do and what permissions it has. 

As you already know, RestreamBot helps by posting everyone’s comments in the chat to most of the platforms that Axe streams on so that we can chat with each other no matter if we are on DLive or on YouTube. You will see what people are saying on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, DLive, and Discord. It’s programmed to send chat relays to each other. While it does cross post to the main platforms both ways, there are limitations. You will see Periscope, and Vaughn but they can’t see you unless you are on the same platform as they are. This is most likely because Twitter (Periscope) and Vaughn did not want to give permission to send information out. It’s probably because of a security issue that they didn’t want to risk or they didn’t want to waste outbound bandwidth which is understandable for Vaughn which is a small independent company. 

The other bot that you most recently have seen is TidyLabs. TidyLabs is a bot that helps the streamer and moderators either welcome and thank new followers, subscribers, and donors (if enabled) or if someone hosts Axe on their channel, it says thanks to the host and then tells everyone to visit the host’s page and give the host some love! You will even see a nice thank you message if you have a sub anniversary for X-months and it even tells everyone how awesome you are! The neat thing is, you can also use commands on Mr. Tidybot!

Want to try some SPECIAL commands?

Try the 8ball! Ask the 8ball any question! Type: !8ball Will it snow?


Want to give a Chopper a shout out

Type: !shoutout @user and it will send out the following:

🔊 ❗❗ Hey @your-target!! Guess what!? Your favorite Chopper @your-name just gave a shout out to you!! ❗❗

Or try to tickle them! Try typing: !tickle @user

🔊 ❗❗ @your-name pick's up a feather duster and tickles @your-target! ❗❗


The following are just simply information commands. Moderators will find these especially helpful, but if you can jump in and help the moderators anytime by using any of these commands on DLive. If you ever are wondering what Axe’s email address is, his P.O. Box or where his facebook page is, the bot will tell you when no one else can help you find that info. Just type one of the following in the chat.
Please don’t abuse them. Too many bot announcements at one time can get annoying. 😫




























































Keep in mind that these do not work through RestreamBot, so TidyBot does not show on those platforms when it is welcoming or announcing anything on the other platforms. It is a DLive exclusive. Don’t be afraid, give it a try!

If you ever run into a problem and need to contact me, type !fuyu to private message me, or email me (details are in that command).

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