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Emojis in DLive


A lot of us who use the browser version of DLive noticed after moving from ShitTube, that we couldn’t express ourselves with emojis like we used to. When we type without these little graphical icons, we often can be misunderstood as being upset or too serious. Rejoice, browser based Choppers! Your token-brainwashed-racist-Asian did research to help us all sound more like a human being with positive emotions again!!

  1. If you are on Windows 10, you can enable emojis by pressing the windows button and period (win+.) at the same time. You should now see the option for emoji when you right click on the very top (Note: You have to be right clicking in an area where you can type text in.). If not, windows button and period (win+.) will still pull it up regardless. You might not see all emojis that you usually see on your phone, however we all can still use the two options below this one. If you’re a Mac user, throw that piece of garbage away.. or you can press Command ⌘ + Control + Space bar for your emojis to show up.
  2. Those of us Choppers that aren’t on Windows 10 don’t have this option, but there are work-arounds if you’re willing to add a few extra steps to show everyone that you aren’t an emotionless asshole in the chat. Opera & Chrome/Chromium build (i.e; Dissenter web browser or Brave) users can get the JoyPixels browser extension. Firefox based browsers (Waterfox, etc) can use Awesome Emoji Picker.
  3. If all else fails OR if you’re iffy about installing extensions or add-ons to your browser, there is also emojikeyboard.io and Emoji Mart, which will bring you to a virtual emoji keyboard for you to enter that special emoji that you’ve always wanted to use on your PC. Click on an emoji and it will automatically copy it to your clipboard, where you can then paste it into the chat.
Hope this was helpful!

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