After Yunki brought up shenanigans regarding Pewdiepie and Dlive, I went to do research into the Dlive transition from LINO to TRAX (TRX/BTT). I have an article coming up soon with what I’ve found.


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  1. FUYU,

    Just wondering if you were able to research this. I haven’t purchased any Lino since the switch as I had a large balance to pay for my optional DLive subscription to Axe’s channel, and I prefer to donate monthly via PayPal. If weird stuff is going on with Lino and/or Bitcoin currency regarding DLive I definitely would like to know, as I watch Axe on DLive exclusively.

    Thanks so much for all you do and again I appreciate your kind thoughts as I still grieve over losing my dog, Max.

    Take care,

  2. Hey Lynn! I would say that what ever you have left on Dlive use it normally since you can’t get a refund anyway. Also as far as continuing to use the new cryptocurrency they implemented & Chinese influence.. all I can tell you is to do what you think is best. The percentage taken out of his donations is still less than Paypal, YouTube etc. and are still Chinese influenced anyway. It’s up to you. Most choppers will most likely stay on Dlive until he is censored since he has been the most stable there and Dlive hasn’t prevented anything except move him to explicit content.

    If you feel that you do not want to contribute cryptocurrency to Dlive, I would suggest using Discord as the chat and you can still watch on Dlive since interacting is what is mining the cryptocurrency. His viewer count is what boosts him up for others to discover him and since he’s stable there, I’d stay watching from there. I am looking for an alternative but the only thing I can suggest so far is Discord + Platform of your choice until I find an equivalent to what we have on Dlive.

  3. Thanks so much for your response. I was more concerned with making sure my balance could still be used on DLive and/or if there was some sort of deadline to use it by. Unless I hear different I’ll use the remainder as I normally would by having apply to my monthly DLive subscription to the AxeTruth channel.

  4. ACK! Late — Forgot to link this here:
    (Related to what I mentioned earlier here in this post.)

    In addition to this post: At this time of writing (5/2022), the percentage taken from Dlive is now 25% since Axe is not a verified partner (and they will not verify at this point). I do not recommend Dlive at all and I urge choppers to refrain from giving money to them at all at this point. Fuck Dlive.

    Odysee is a great platform to use for cash donations to Axe. They have since made a lot of improvements since their debut for livestreaming as well, so I suggest anyone who had problems previously to try using it again. They only take 5% out of the donation. Rumble takes 20% out of the donation despite Axe already paying to stream on their platform. I don’t recall what the percentage taken from donations on Foxhole but I’m sure it’s less than Rumble as well. Odysee and Foxhole do not charge Axe for using their service and I would recommend those two as they are self funded and deserve the % taken out to run their services.

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