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Please note that we do not send out any emails for short content, 60 minutes, one topic/chat live shows to cut down on the frequency of emails that are sent out. We also don't send out emails for cancelled shows. If you don't receive an email, it will usually mean that there is no show on that day. We will always post notice of a cancelled show on

If you have already subscribed but are not receiving any emails from us, please make sure to check your spam folder. You can add our email address to your contacts to prevent this from happening (click here to find out how).

After submitting your email to our list, you will need to confirm that it was you who subscribed by clicking the link inside of the email. Fuyu will sometimes pre-approve you if she catches your registration before she sends out a notification.

DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THE DEFAULT "name" in the sign up! We continue to receive a large amount of random computer generated signups, and we auto delete the subscription if they submit with the default "name". We don't need your real name. You can use your username in chat that we might know you by, or anything else. Please change it to anything else except "name".

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