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What do you do when your family members suffer from TDS? – Dr. Karlyn Borysenko


So basically if they got it, they have to see their own way out. I’ve found that just dropping seeds, like Axe has said, is the best solution. You really can’t force it.

I agree Steak, and sometimes anecdotes help too.  I was discussing Portland with my youngest daughter, and she understands now that that Portland’s riots could have been quelled months ago if the Mayor put his personal feelings about President Trump aside, and ask for help from the Federal Government.  The Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, would rather see the city destroyed and put every person who lives there in mortal danger on a daily basis, all because of his TDS and personal Marxist beliefs.  Same goes for DeBlasio in NYC.  When I asked her what any Mayor’s top responsibility was, she admitted to keeping their city and constituents safe, despite their feelings and opinions about anyone, including our President.  I then asked her to apply that to what both those Mayors are doing and she understood!  

I should mention that while she herself doesn’t have TDS, many of her friends do and she registered Independent.  She also voted for Hilary in 2016, buying into the influence of her teachers and friends.  While not liking Trump, she has acknowledged the good he’s done while in office, and is planning to vote for him as she finally realized how little Democrats care about those who elect them.

Also, I still have the XL grey Official Trump/Pence 2020 T-Shirt you are welcome to!  Or you can give it to someone who would enjoy it.  So please provide your address and I’ll mail it out this week – Thanks!