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Made In America! Where to buy?

President Trump has been taking back manufacturing from overseas and bringing it back into the US, but are we supporting those businesses that keep the “Made in America”/”Made in the USA” label? You will find a TON of goods that were “designed in the USA”, but that doesn’t mean that it was manufactured here. I would like to compile a directory of businesses that we can support online that exclusively sell items that are manufactured here in America. If you know any businesses that should be listed, please feel free to add them below and I will compile them into the list.

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NOTE: The following links are not affiliated with our website, brand, political ideals and beliefs, nor do we receive support from them. We only provide these links for those who are interested buying American made products.


Double Tap Audio – bluetooth and wired headphones.

Double Tap Audio aims to mix a high-quality build and sound with highly durable materials to make a very rugged pair of headphones.

The idea behind this came to us after having countless sets of headphones break over the years. We wanted to fix this problem without sacrificing a quality listening experience.


DynaVap – Battery-free vaporizers for flower/herb.

DynaVap proudly designs, engineers, and manufactures all of our vaporizers in-house using the highest quality materials available. We do this to deliver what we feel are the best battery-free vaporizing options available today. When you invest in DynaVap, you can rest assured that you’re supporting a team of dedicated engineers, technologists, and above all – enthusiasts.


About a year ago I found a site that promotes true Made In the USA items.  Check out MadeintheUSAForever.com as I think you’ll want to include in your list.  I haven’t purchased anything through their website yet – though I plan to and will let you know once I do.  I have purchased from one vendor they promote:  Liberty Tabletop, that is the only manufacturer of Flatware that is made here and their quality is fantastic!  I replaced my everyday utensils after ordering some pattern samples for a small fee, and recommend them highly as I am very pleased.  (I also believe they are the main supplier of flatware to the White House and some branches of the military, which can be confirmed on their website). 

There is also Goose Creek Candles, a candle manufacturer based in Kentucky that rivals Yankee Candle, except their prices are way more affordable and their quality is amazing!  However, while their candles are manufactured here, I can’t confirm about their supplies and they do sell air fresheners that carry their name but are made in China, so it’s up to you if you want to include this company on your list.

Hope the above info helps and if I discover any more info on US Manufacturers I’ll let you know.  Thanks!

Thank you for the links Lynn! That tableware site is awesome (hopefully I got the correct site)! The silverware is beautiful~! Can you confirm if these links are correct? I tried to go to the made in the usa forever link and it sent me to a blank page so I had to google it and found madeinusaforever (missing “the”). 


Liberty Tabletop

Yes, both links are correct!  I’m sorry the previous one I sent was wrong, and I’ll double-check the next time I forward any links.

Liberty Tabletop has monthly specials too, so even if you’re not ready to purchase it is worth signing up for their emails.  Plus I highly recommend, again, their sample program as they will send out up to three Dinner Forks in different Flatware patterns, for under $10.  You can touch and hold the flatware prior to choosing a pattern, which helped me when I selected mine.  Amazon sells most of their flatware sets also, just an FYI (I purchased some Liberty items via Amazon Prime as I had a gift card, and the same warranties, etc. from Liberty Tabletop apply.)

I should have more info for you as I hope to purchase as much as Made in the USA items for the upcoming Holiday Season, and will let you know once I do!

Take care!


My daughter introduced me to Cirque Colors, a nail lacquer company that is based and manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.  Their products are fantastic (I’m especially picky about makeup and manicure supplies, that they are manufactured ethically while maintaining superb quality) and I highly recommend their products.  Their website is cirquecolors.com and their products are proud to boast Made in the USA on both their packaging and products.

I’m in the process of reviewing my regular purchases and making a list for you to include in yours.  Thanks & let me know if you need help or have any questions!