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Role Models are Not Found in Hollywood – Happy Valentine’s Day!


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I’m a 51 year old, Scorpio Tranny and Army Veteran who served during “Desert Storm” for a full year in Southwest Asia (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait). Married to a Socialist. View self as a Conservative / Constitutionalist / Nationalist. I’m retired and I live in “Lil Somalia, MN” (Minneapolis). Summers in Iceland.


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it’s quite possible you may be consuming some pretty toxic messages coming out of Hollywood. A group of people so detached from reality AND at the same time, they promote themselves as paragons of decency. Can you smell the anus in your face?

If you’re not queer, white-hating and part of the collective retardation afflicting our nation, and world, you are not alone. Now I may be a transsexual, however I’m far from “onboard” with the insanity which is being pumped out in day-time television and all this pandering.

You be you. Unless you’re under the age of 18, then you be who your guardian says you need to be until you can make an informed decision about who you are. You young ones, hear me. You have a whole life AFTER your childhood and teen years. Go be a kid and leave the adult stuff to the adults. It’s better that way.

Kids, if someone is making you feel uncomfortable and trying to get you to have sex with them. Call the police THEN tell your parents. Stop sexual predators from hurting you and other kids.

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