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Minneapolis Burning – Saint Paul Burning – Riots – Mayhem – Insanity – Thanks Mayor Frey!


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Scorpio Tranny and Army Veteran who served during “Desert Storm” for a full year in Southwest Asia (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait). Married to a Socialist. View self as a Conservative / Constitutionalist / Nationalist. I’m retired and I live in “Lil Somalia, MN” (Minneapolis). Summers in Iceland.

Time to Dance on the Edge of the Bathtub!!

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This is the third or fourth night of riots in Minneapolis, which have now extended to Saint Paul, MN. Our Minneapolis mayor, Jacob Frey, continues to race bait and not take an ounce of personal responsibility for his incitements. Only an ignorant or evil person would do as mayor Frey has done, in my opinion, and I do not see him as being fit to resume his office.

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  1. Kassandra, if you can please call in during the next Chopping Block, as your insight on what’s going on is meaningful and I know everyone would be interested in hearing from you. I’ve heard you call in before and you always do a great job! Take care!

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