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Ilhan Omar – Combating Hate – Two Politically Opposed Witnesses to a Redundant Disorganized Meeting


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My husband (democratic-socialist) and I (conservative-republican) attended a public meeting presented by Ilhan Omar with panelists from “CAIR” (Jaylani Hussein), “OutFront MN” (Monica Meyer) & Dr. Jeremy Myers from “Augsburg University” in Minneapolis, MN.

The title of the ‘discussion’ was “GREATER THAN FEAR – Community Conversation on Combating Hate” and was billed with this statement:
“One of the central questions posed to us right now is, ‘who is included in being Minnesotan?’ Will we be a state where everyone – whether we are white, black, or brown – can live a life of dignity with good schools, healthcare, and affordable childcare?”

HOWEVER the meeting had little to nothing to do with “good schools”, “healthcare” nor “affordable childcare”, in my opinion. Instead it was about 45 minutes of fear tactics, Muslim victimization and using the term “white nationalist” in very vague and threatening terms. It was attended by about 75-90 persons and left very little time for adequate Q&A.

Ilhan was often asked direct questions and deferred to the other panelists rather than providing the answers asked of her. The panel also blamed Hollywood and the media for how Muslims are viewed and Hussein from “CAIR” made a statement “You’ll never see a Muslim doing taxes.” I call “BS”, I’ve seen plenty of Muslim characters in films who aren’t blowing up buildings and having “normal” lives. This is very insulting to anyone who thinks independently. I know not all Muslims are bad, HOWEVER I have observed Islam is not fully beneficial to anyone but heterosexual males of the Islamic persuasion. This meeting never addressed the victims of Islam and only served to make Muslims look like perpetual victims of non-Islamist beliefs. The comments made by Hussein often ending with the word “right?”, as if he was trying to garner validation without providing much substance to his arguments.

There were also several statements which flew in the face of biological science referring to transgender athletes, even though there is evidence men who say they are women are trouncing over biological females in sports. All the while nodding heads in the audience agreed with this dogmatic rhetoric.

So in the end the event seemed to promote more hate and fear rather than combating hate itself. A poorly managed meeting, misleading promotion and offered forth by a Congress-person who offers no personal accountability, rather deferring to anecdotal stories.

We can do better!

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