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Governments Gone Wild!!! Time to go Underground and Regain Control and Sanity!!


AxeTruth.com Author/Editor

Scorpio Tranny and Army Veteran who served during “Desert Storm” for a full year in Southwest Asia (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait). Married to a Socialist. View self as a Conservative / Constitutionalist / Nationalist. I’m retired and I live in “Lil Somalia, MN” (Minneapolis). Summers in Iceland.

When the Government is like a Car Wreck

OMG, I’ve been terrible about hanging out with my family at AxeTruth!!!  I’ve been diving into a fantasy game while writing letters to a variety of government offices, politicians and regulatory boards.  Shit has become crazy unreal in Little Somalia, MN.

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If your local governments have become a bit too much like a dictatorship, let’s go back to the “old ways” of getting around tyranny while fighting against those who would remove our Constitutional Freedoms. Say “No to Fear” and Hello to “Individual Consequence while Living your own Life!!”

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  1. Thank you for posting Kassandra omg I didn’t even realize I left the last show announcement up. Time for me to catch up. Thank yoooou!

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