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Floyd, Frey and the Race Baiting which Burned Minneapolis


AxeTruth.com Author/Editor

Scorpio Tranny and Army Veteran who served during “Desert Storm” for a full year in Southwest Asia (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait). Married to a Socialist. View self as a Conservative / Constitutionalist / Nationalist. I’m retired and I live in “Lil Somalia, MN” (Minneapolis). Summers in Iceland.

Race Baiting 101

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So last night, for the second night in a row, Minneapolis got to experience more violent protests, this time with multiple fires being set. Thanks go to Mayor Jacob Frey for his spectacular race baiting following a, already, terrible incident involving police which may have lead to the death of George Floyd.

I guess all those people who will now be added to unemployed status, due to so many businesses being destroyed, can always go into construction. Oh wait! WE don’t have the funds to replace the businesses and the businesses, if they are smart, won’t rebuild in a GHETTO.

Oh and now a mural has gone up to “honor George Floyd”. Hmmm…suspected money forger (not sure if check or currency) and we’re going to honor this? I’d like to see EVIDENCE prior to honoring anyone I don’t know.

I’m sure Mayor Jacob Frey is going to give a follow-up press release and TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY for the devastation.

Artwork: P. Chadbourn – “We Don’t Belong Here”

Update: Mayor Jacob Frey states “George Floyd would be alive if he were white.” despite statistical data which shows white people are FAR more likely to be killed by police than non-white people. Jacob Frey will take NO RESPONSIBILITY for inciting this violence and should be voted out and/or recalled IMMEDIATELY.

Update: Now Mayor Jacob Frey is crying about 400 years of slavery YET in Islamic states THERE ARE STILL SLAVES!!! Mayor Jacob Frey is either willfully ignorant or a deliberate piece of shit. He simply CAN NOT see how guilty he is inciting this violence and takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the aftermath.

Update: I saw a video made by George Floyd. He seemed to be an upstanding man who would never have supported the riots of these self-serving terrorists. These rioters could give “two shits” about George Floyd or George’s family, you can tell by their selfish actions. Have a good time with gentrification to your neighborhoods, because that’s what happens when communities become a problem. I highly suspect Mayor Frey is so racist that he intentionally stirred up the anger (especially during these unconstitutional lock down regulations) knowing there was a high percent of riots BECAUSE, in my opinion, HE WANTS NON-WHITES OUT!!!

3 Responses

  1. Your insight is especially appreciated considering this city is your home. It never fails to amaze me why anyone would destroy their neighborhood (though I understand that more than a few of the looters are not locals) yet these same people will fail to comprehend why businesses would be reluctant to rebuild after the destruction and blame has become nothing more than an eyesore and a topic of conversation. The main thing I do know, and agree with you on, is that the criminals who destroyed your city could care less about the victim and his family. Rioting brings no dignity nor justice for them, and solves nothing.

  2. Lynn, the riots continued last night as well. Our children came home to show us videos of the damage as it was happening. It is, without question, self defeating plus there are people coming in from other areas, Chicago in particular, who are joining the destruction of Minneapolis. I see two outcomes; desolation or gentrification. Neither of these outcomes will benefit those who claim to be “disadvantaged”. In addition, our mayor continues to stir the pot by interjecting race issues into this matter. I’m sure we will soon see curfews and a military presence beyond the National Guard. From what our children witnessed, the National Guard was there for “show” and did not actually execute measures to maintain order.

  3. Kassandra, I’m so very sorry for what your children had to witness, and with you being both a parent and veteran I can’t imagine the emotions you’re feeling right now. Praying for you and your family’s safety and again, am thankful you are sharing what is truly happening in your city. Take care and be careful!

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