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AxeTruth featured on TIME.com as “far right” & “conspiracy theorist”, “cashing in” on Corona.

AxeTruth on TIME.com

Choppers, Axe has been targeted. AxeTruth was featured in an image on TIME.com, that can been seen in search or on news aggregators using TIME.com’s RSS feed.

This is nothing but a hit piece on conservatives in attempt to possibly de-platform anyone who questions the narrative on the virus and to silence free speech on alternate platforms that allow it. When they start attacking the smaller platforms, you know that they are desperate. Links for the article and it’s aggregated feed can be found below along with it’s archive in case they delete or edit anything in the future.

(Archived: https://archive.fo/4NeeV)

(Archived: https://archive.fo/bulHq)

(Archived: https://archive.fo/NhpIc)

(Archived: https://archive.fo/Q4nPb)

2 Responses

  1. I assume the photo featured in this article was published in black & white? How else can this DNC shill defend her trash article’s position that DLive is now a “haven for White Supremacists”! I also enjoy her sources, most of which are “anonymous” conveniently. The author is a passionate Leftist whose past articles reflect her off the charts TDS so much she still believes Trump colluded with Russia! DLive is mentioned so much and referred to by name so much that this article defines the term “hit job” and it will be interesting to see how DLive reacts to this blatant attack to their platform. On the other hand I can see a Streisand effect with more DLive traffic now, and I bet Axe’s subscriber count explodes 😄. The last sentence of the article is telling, noting that knucklehead Fuentes channel is able to get more viewers than the approved MSM outlets combined, which is why old, crusty, used to be legitimate Time magazine is on life support now. I’ll comment more later, and while it’s shocking to see Axe’s image used for this, it only confirms the huge impact he is making!

  2. I wanted to add that it takes a completely delusional and brainwashed SJW that this author is (confirmed after a quick search of her other articles) to still believe in and attempt to call out “right-wing extremism”. It’s especially ridiculous considering the violence and deaths still occurring in major Democrat run cities is coming entirely from the Left, which maintains the riots were peaceful protests! She even doubles down on the absurd notion that it’s right-wingers cleverly disguised as Antifa that are responsible for any violence and crimes, LOL! Of course she has zero evidence to back any of her claims, when abundant evidence to the contrary exists despite every effort by publications such as Time to suppress and ignore the truth of what is going on, who is perpetrating the crimes and who have been charged for them.

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