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And here we have migrants torturing children…


AxeTruth.com Author/Editor

Scorpio Tranny and Army Veteran who served during “Desert Storm” for a full year in Southwest Asia (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait). Married to a Socialist. View self as a Conservative / Constitutionalist / Nationalist. I’m retired and I live in “Lil Somalia, MN” (Minneapolis). Summers in Iceland.

All references to any media shown in this article fall under: “Fair Use” – 17 U.S.C. § 107

Note:  On March 3, 2020 I posted a video showing children at the border of Greece/Turkey.  This video showed children being tortured in order to make them cry hysterically before Muslim men ran them up a hill to be put on display for reporters.  The video has been taken down.  I knew I should have made a copy to post, however I didn’t listen to my intuition and now the video appears to be “lost”.  The video showed at least two children being held over a fiery smoke pit, a man slapping the bare back of a child, another man pulling the children’s hair.  YouTube felt this type of exposure did not fit their algorithm / TOS.  Hopefully other people have copied the video and will redistribute to show how the “migrant crisis” is being manipulated and how CHILDREN seem to be the victims, not by laws, but by their own people who should be protecting them.

If you go to:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP-SIzDMyn4 you can see how the children are being used to “influence” the public.  At times what they show does not correlate to what is being said by the reporters.  These children also appear to have been coached into their speeches.

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