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AxeTruth featured on TIME.com as “far right” & “conspiracy theorist”, “cashing in” on Corona.

AxeTruth on TIME.com

Choppers, Axe has been targeted. AxeTruth was featured in an image on TIME.com, that can been seen in search or on news aggregators using TIME.com’s RSS feed.

This is nothing but a hit piece on conservatives in attempt to possibly de-platform anyone who questions the narrative on the virus and to silence free speech on alternate platforms that allow it. When they start attacking the smaller platforms, you know that they are desperate. Links for the article and it’s aggregated feed can be found below along with it’s archive in case they delete or edit anything in the future.

(Archived: https://archive.fo/4NeeV)

(Archived: https://archive.fo/bulHq)

(Archived: https://archive.fo/NhpIc)

(Archived: https://archive.fo/Q4nPb)

Axe taking a weekend break. (11/16-17/2019)

AxeTruth will not be doing a chopping block this weekend, but may do some short content. He will be back for Monday Madness.

Choppers, let’s sharpen those axes until then! Join the mailing list (if you haven’t already) to be notified when he plans to do another chopping block.

No chopping block.

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