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03/27 Update to yesterday’s post. (Updated)

Update : Axe will be doing content peices on Saturday and will do Sunday Funday chopping block instead of SNL.

Update to Update : Axe said he will just do Monday Chopping Block, so no Sunday Chopping Block today 😭 but he will be doing short content.

03/26 – No FNL chopping block tonight. (Updated)

There will not be a FNL chopping block tonight. He may air a replay. Axe will be doing the SNL chopping block instead tomorrow evening.

Update : Axe will be doing content on Saturday and will do Sunday Funday instead of SNL.

12/30 – No chopping block tonight.

Axe will not be going live tonight, but he will be doing a new years eve show tomorrow.

If you are not subscribed yet, please join our mailing-list to know when Axel will be going live again. As always, you can come to AxeTruth.com to see the same updates we send out if you don’t wish to subscribe.

AxeTruth is jailed on StillTheTruth for 2 weeks.

Axe is JAILED on StillTheTruth on YouTube and now is on Axe Choppingblock. Stop playing hide and seek with YouTube & Twitter (Periscope) and join DLive (Enable X) to join the interactive chat with the choppers. He is also available on JoshWhoTV, FC2 Live, VK, OK.ru, and MobCrush. Axe is also on Periscope under AxeTruth1 but please remember Periscope has suspended him several times already just like YouTube.

Axe is still on Twitch but they now give DMCA strikes to channels for SOUND EFFECTS and some users have experienced muted audio. If you are on Twitch, please consider going to DLive.


Keep in mind that you can always type TV.axetruth.com in your browser and be taken directly to his DLive page. The page will automatically show the live stream as soon as he goes online if you stay on the page.

DLive Tutorials:


YouTube, Periscope, Facebook and Twitch are not reliable and can be terminated at anytime. TV.axetruth.com will always direct you to his main platform in case one dissapears. AxeTruth uses Axe Choppingblock, AxeTruth Rebirth and AxeTruth 2 on YouTube.



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