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Choppers and Dlive – Warning!

This account has been blocked due to violation of Trovo Terms of Services forever.


Flashback, Who is Trovo: 
– (Archived: https://archive.ph/9ApEj)
Tencent (WeChat) vs Trump:
– (Archived: https://archive.ph/dK3G5)


Choppers and Dlive – Warning!

BTT is TRON aka The bitcoin of China

After Justin Sun aquired Dlive, you may be aware that LINO was replaced with BTT coin. BTT = TRON aka “The new bitcoin of China”.  You can read about this in the links below:
– (Archived: https://archive.ph/gS2Ja)
– (Archived: https://archive.ph/uKmWx)

I have been warning Choppers about this ever since, but no one seems to take heed to it. While I did support use of Dlive in the earlier stages when Charles Wayn was CEO, I’ve been very wary of Justin Sun’s take over. Do a simple search and you’ll find shenanigans yourselves. We saw the demonetization and censorship immediately taking place ever since the acquisition, and it’s only a matter of time before they also permanently remove Axe from their platform. Donations are always appreciated, but please be aware of who takes a percentage of it. When you buy those lemons, ice cream and etc on Dlive, you are no longer buying LINO but buying BTT which contributes to TRON/TRX.

Entropy, Odysee, Foxhole/Pilled


We implemented entropy (donate.axetruth.com) earlier this year to avoid the use of Dlive donations. Please take advantage of this option as it does support alternate payment processors.

We encourage the use of donate.axetruth.com if you do not wish to enter your credit card information directly. There is also the option of sending donations direct via snail mail. Entropy uses google pay which supports paypal but you don’t need to use paypal either. If you are an Android user, most likely you already use google pay for the app store. Although it is Google, you can go to the grocery store and buy a google play card to enter funds or if you already have PayPal connected to your google account, you can pay using that option.

Besides Entropy, you can use Odysee (they are now accepting USD to send donations in addition to the original option of LBRY coin/LBC) or Foxhole/Pilled.net to donate to Axe anytime even when he is not streaming there. Axe does receive offline donations from Odysee from replays as well. 

Live streaming platforms that support free speech deserve the cut that is taken because they are run by individuals/groups that have to maintain the service and keep it running out of their own pockets. By using the big platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Periscope etc and donating through them, you are actually helping the same platforms that have been punishing Axe. Please think about that and which economy your money is stimulating. Also think about helping the people who kindly offered to platform Axe like Foxhole/Pilled.net.


Edit: 09/25 – I just would like to add that there has been a few Choppers who have mentioned that they just don’t want to make yet ANOTHER account. Please do not be lazy! Not too long ago, before social media introduced a one login option called “social login” (google, twitter, facebook, amazon, etc), we were always registering accounts separately. Things have just gotten to where social media has made everyone lazy. They now control access to your accounts outside of their own domain because it “makes things easier for you”. Gradually, you have been introduced to logging into one account and never having to use another log in again. Try not to use social login to register or log in to accounts! If you lose that main social login account, you lose access to all of the accounts that you connected it to, unless it gives you an extra option to login with your email as well. Dlive uses social login, twitch does this, even Entropy does this. Use an email address and a password when you can!

TidyLabs Bot Commands? Yes, all Choppers can use these!

Hey Choppers! Here’s an exclusive tutorial for dlive members! 🥰

Bots do various things to help around. They do not ALL do the same things as other bots from different sources. It depends on what it was programmed to do and what permissions it has. 

As you already know, RestreamBot helps by posting everyone’s comments in the chat to most of the platforms that Axe streams on so that we can chat with each other no matter if we are on DLive or on YouTube. You will see what people are saying on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, DLive, and Discord. It’s programmed to send chat relays to each other. While it does cross post to the main platforms both ways, there are limitations. You will see Periscope, and Vaughn but they can’t see you unless you are on the same platform as they are. This is most likely because Twitter (Periscope) and Vaughn did not want to give permission to send information out. It’s probably because of a security issue that they didn’t want to risk or they didn’t want to waste outbound bandwidth which is understandable for Vaughn which is a small independent company. 

The other bot that you most recently have seen is TidyLabs. TidyLabs is a bot that helps the streamer and moderators either welcome and thank new followers, subscribers, and donors (if enabled) or if someone hosts Axe on their channel, it says thanks to the host and then tells everyone to visit the host’s page and give the host some love! You will even see a nice thank you message if you have a sub anniversary for X-months and it even tells everyone how awesome you are! The neat thing is, you can also use commands on Mr. Tidybot!

Want to try some SPECIAL commands?

Try the 8ball! Ask the 8ball any question! Type: !8ball Will it snow?


Want to give a Chopper a shout out

Type: !shoutout @user and it will send out the following:

🔊 ❗❗ Hey @your-target!! Guess what!? Your favorite Chopper @your-name just gave a shout out to you!! ❗❗

Or try to tickle them! Try typing: !tickle @user

🔊 ❗❗ @your-name pick's up a feather duster and tickles @your-target! ❗❗


The following are just simply information commands. Moderators will find these especially helpful, but if you can jump in and help the moderators anytime by using any of these commands on DLive. If you ever are wondering what Axe’s email address is, his P.O. Box or where his facebook page is, the bot will tell you when no one else can help you find that info. Just type one of the following in the chat.
Please don’t abuse them. Too many bot announcements at one time can get annoying. 😫




























































Keep in mind that these do not work through RestreamBot, so TidyBot does not show on those platforms when it is welcoming or announcing anything on the other platforms. It is a DLive exclusive. Don’t be afraid, give it a try!

If you ever run into a problem and need to contact me, type !fuyu to private message me, or email me (details are in that command).

Mailing List Subscribers – add this email to your contacts

Uncle Butch subscribed on the 15th of last month and didn’t seem to find any of the newsletters that we have been sending out. I’m not sure if this will help everyone, but here’s one way to get the emails into your inbox and not sent to another folder as spam. Add the email address do-not-reply@axetruth.com to your contacts.

If you use Gmail, you can find contacts in the upper right side of your screen. (Click on the photo for a clear image.)

You will notice that you’re on the contacts page by looking at the upper left of the site. Click on the button that you see circled in the below image that says “Create contact”.

Add the email address do-not-reply@axetruth.com just like in the image below and save.

After doing this, you should get the next newsletter in your inbox again.

Emojis in DLive


A lot of us who use the browser version of DLive noticed after moving from ShitTube, that we couldn’t express ourselves with emojis like we used to. When we type without these little graphical icons, we often can be misunderstood as being upset or too serious. Rejoice, browser based Choppers! Your token-brainwashed-racist-Asian did research to help us all sound more like a human being with positive emotions again!!

  1. If you are on Windows 10, you can enable emojis by pressing the windows button and period (win+.) at the same time. You should now see the option for emoji when you right click on the very top (Note: You have to be right clicking in an area where you can type text in.). If not, windows button and period (win+.) will still pull it up regardless. You might not see all emojis that you usually see on your phone, however we all can still use the two options below this one. If you’re a Mac user, throw that piece of garbage away.. or you can press Command ⌘ + Control + Space bar for your emojis to show up.
  2. Those of us Choppers that aren’t on Windows 10 don’t have this option, but there are work-arounds if you’re willing to add a few extra steps to show everyone that you aren’t an emotionless asshole in the chat. Opera & Chrome/Chromium build (i.e; Dissenter web browser or Brave) users can get the JoyPixels browser extension. Firefox based browsers (Waterfox, etc) can use Awesome Emoji Picker.
  3. If all else fails OR if you’re iffy about installing extensions or add-ons to your browser, there is also emojikeyboard.io and Emoji Mart, which will bring you to a virtual emoji keyboard for you to enter that special emoji that you’ve always wanted to use on your PC. Click on an emoji and it will automatically copy it to your clipboard, where you can then paste it into the chat.
Hope this was helpful!
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