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08/14 Cancelled – No Chopping Block Tonight.

Apologies for the sudden/late notice.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Axel has to cancel tonight’s show. Axe plans to do a Morning/Noon show tomorrow.

Please check the website tomorrow for details as we do not send emails out for anything other than chopping blocks due to the frequency of emails. If he ends up doing the show at night, it will be treated as a chopping block and we will send out notifications as usual.

Emails were also sent regarding this. Sorry to our mailing list subscribers for the multiple emails and thanks for your understanding!

08/13 No Friday Chopping Block Tonight.

There will be no chopping block tonight. Axe did his Wacky Wednesday Chopping Block and then a noon/afternoon show followed by another Chopping Block on Thursday. Because he doesn’t want to burn out, he decided to take Friday night off. I hope you guys understand. Thanks again for your patience Choppers!

08/10 No Tuesday Chopping Block Tonight.

Unfortunately, there will be no chopping block tonight.

As Choppers may have already heard, Gypsy had gotten injured while playing and they had to bring her to the Veterinary hospital to get anesthesia and stitches for a deep wound on her leg. She is drinking and eating and doing well, but Axe would like to keep an eye on her today. He plans to do Wacky Wednesday tomorrow as usual.

Thank you for your patience Choppers!

Update regarding the sudden downtime to AxeTruth.com last weekend can be found on yesterday’s post.

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