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01/22/22 – SNL with AxeTruth around 8/8:30 PM Eastern

Notice: We do not send out any emails through the mailing list for short content, or one topic/chat with axe shows to cut down on the frequency of emails that are sent out. 

AxeTruth will now be on Rumble streaming LIVE! Please be sure to support him there if you would like him to continue on Rumble, as it is not a free platform.

Axe will be going live on Rumble, theFoxHole, Odysee, DLive (Enable X), Vaughn Live, Facebook, FC2, Twitch (axe_truth), VK.com, OK.ru, AfreecaTV, GoodGame.ru and MobCrush for SNL with AxeTruth around 8/8:30 PM Eastern!

Trovo Users:

Trovo has permanently banned AxeTruth.

YouTube Users:

Axe Truth got a strike for his show on 1/17 and can not currently stream on YouTube. He does not have a back up account. Please use one of his many alternate platforms that we have him on.

Twitch Users:

Axe is back on axe_truth on Twitch. You can always be sent to the new Twitch channel through the short URL tv4.axetruth.com and it will always be updated to reflect current URL. If he is suspended again, tv4 will send you to the new address.

Stop feeding the beast by using YouTube, Facebook, Twitch & Twitter (Periscope). You can watch him on patriot owned Rumble, theFOXHOLE.app, Odysee, Vaughn Live or FC2 Live, VK, OK.ru, MobCrush and join Axe’s Discord to always be connected to his live chat. Pick any of the platforms that are listed and go to Axe’s Discord to chat with everyone simultaneously when Axe is live and even when he is offline.

Axel takes calls during the 2nd half of the Chopping Block. Want to call in?

Are you overseas? Would you like to call in? Add AxeTruth on LINE!

12/30 Thursday – Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty & State of Deception Crumbling

Thursday was a weird night, so Axe decided to have this episode deleted, but you can hear the audio podcast version below or pick any of the podcast platforms listed in his links under “Podcast Platforms” for this episode.

Clip shown from 10/30 SNL AxeTruth Show – Kary B. Mullis, Covid PCR Test, Polymerase Chain Reaction.
Dr. Kary Mullis Tried to Expose Fauci and the AIDS Controversy for 30 Years.



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