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AxeTruth Monday Madness around 9/9:30pm Eastern

Choppers! Get your axes ready!

AxeTruth will be going live on DLive (enable X to see him on the front page), JoshWhoTV, Vaughn Live, Periscope, Facebook and Twitch around 9/9:30pm Eastern for the Monday Madness Chopping Block!

Axel takes calls during the 2nd half of the Chopping Block. Want to call in?

Are you overseas? Would you like to call in? Add AxeTruth on LINE!

Keep in mind that you can always type TV.axetruth.com in your browser and be taken directly to his DLive page. The page will automatically show the live stream as soon as he goes online if you stay on the page.

DLive Tutorials:


You can also access his live shows through TV2.axetruth.com, TV3.axetruth.com and TV4.axetruth.com if you experience trouble watching from the platform of your choice.

If you are in a different time zone, you can find Axel’s local time at the top right corner of this website. (9pm = 21:00 – Please be sure to allow the page to fully load).



YouTube, Periscope, Facebook, Loots and Twitch are not reliable and can be terminated at anytime. TV.axetruth.com will always direct you to his main platform in case one dissapears. AxeTruth uses Axe Choppingblock and AxeTruth 2 on YouTube for promotion purposes and is no longer exclusively streaming live shows there.

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The Democrat Plantation is on fire. They are divided, they have no message, no candidate… a bunch of losers. Their desperation is showing along with the ESTABLISHMENT GLOBALIST MSM.


Video during the show provided by Nii-Djan. Give him a follow!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTK1mZ1kHNm67ZjCLJR_Q0w


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