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Choppers and Dlive – Warning!

This account has been blocked due to violation of Trovo Terms of Services forever.


Flashback, Who is Trovo: 
– (Archived: https://archive.ph/9ApEj)
Tencent (WeChat) vs Trump:
– (Archived: https://archive.ph/dK3G5)


Choppers and Dlive – Warning!

BTT is TRON aka The bitcoin of China

After Justin Sun aquired Dlive, you may be aware that LINO was replaced with BTT coin. BTT = TRON aka “The new bitcoin of China”.  You can read about this in the links below:
– (Archived: https://archive.ph/gS2Ja)
– (Archived: https://archive.ph/uKmWx)

I have been warning Choppers about this ever since, but no one seems to take heed to it. While I did support use of Dlive in the earlier stages when Charles Wayn was CEO, I’ve been very wary of Justin Sun’s take over. Do a simple search and you’ll find shenanigans yourselves. We saw the demonetization and censorship immediately taking place ever since the acquisition, and it’s only a matter of time before they also permanently remove Axe from their platform. Donations are always appreciated, but please be aware of who takes a percentage of it. When you buy those lemons, ice cream and etc on Dlive, you are no longer buying LINO but buying BTT which contributes to TRON/TRX.

Entropy, Odysee, Foxhole/Pilled


We implemented entropy (donate.axetruth.com) earlier this year to avoid the use of Dlive donations. Please take advantage of this option as it does support alternate payment processors.

We encourage the use of donate.axetruth.com if you do not wish to enter your credit card information directly. There is also the option of sending donations direct via snail mail. Entropy uses google pay which supports paypal but you don’t need to use paypal either. If you are an Android user, most likely you already use google pay for the app store. Although it is Google, you can go to the grocery store and buy a google play card to enter funds or if you already have PayPal connected to your google account, you can pay using that option.

Besides Entropy, you can use Odysee (they are now accepting USD to send donations in addition to the original option of LBRY coin/LBC) or Foxhole/Pilled.net to donate to Axe anytime even when he is not streaming there. Axe does receive offline donations from Odysee from replays as well. 

Live streaming platforms that support free speech deserve the cut that is taken because they are run by individuals/groups that have to maintain the service and keep it running out of their own pockets. By using the big platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Periscope etc and donating through them, you are actually helping the same platforms that have been punishing Axe. Please think about that and which economy your money is stimulating. Also think about helping the people who kindly offered to platform Axe like Foxhole/Pilled.net.


Edit: 09/25 – I just would like to add that there has been a few Choppers who have mentioned that they just don’t want to make yet ANOTHER account. Please do not be lazy! Not too long ago, before social media introduced a one login option called “social login” (google, twitter, facebook, amazon, etc), we were always registering accounts separately. Things have just gotten to where social media has made everyone lazy. They now control access to your accounts outside of their own domain because it “makes things easier for you”. Gradually, you have been introduced to logging into one account and never having to use another log in again. Try not to use social login to register or log in to accounts! If you lose that main social login account, you lose access to all of the accounts that you connected it to, unless it gives you an extra option to login with your email as well. Dlive uses social login, twitch does this, even Entropy does this. Use an email address and a password when you can!

Favor from anyone who can help!

Give a thumbs up, Repost and share if you are on any of these platforms to help Axe get out there, please! Download and post elsewhere also if you can. I am trying hard to get Axe more out there but I can only do so much.

I’ve been posting to other platforms but they have not gained any traction at all. Even with a boost….

If you’re on patriots.win — please upvote! When you upvote, it allows the post to be pushed up where more people can see it.


If you are on telegram, there is a downloadable copy of the video there.


Please download and upload or share this anywhere you can Choppers!

Thank you!


In your face sooooo hard…that’s when you know it’s bullshit.


AxeTruth.com Author/Editor

I’m a 51 year old, Scorpio Tranny and Army Veteran who served during “Desert Storm” for a full year in Southwest Asia (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait). Married to a Socialist. View self as a Conservative / Constitutionalist / Nationalist. I’m retired and I live in “Lil Somalia, MN” (Minneapolis). Summers in Iceland.

Britney Spears “They took eight gallons of blood from me per week.” DLIVE reference timestamp 1:43:12 from “Manic Monday with Axetruth – Discouraged & Division in the ranks” June 28th show

(the following are comments made prior to this timestamp)

Um Britney, I don’t know who wrote your script, but at your weight…you only have about 1.04 gallons in your whole body. If we take seven (seven days in a week) and multiply it by 1.04 then we have 7.28 gallons of blood. This would mean, EACH DAY, your medical team was taking more blood than what is possible from your body. How the fuck you live thru all that, Britney? You must be EXTRA-SUPER- NATURAL cuz anyone else would be DEAD and, after a week, basically human jerky.  Blood supply must be quantum cuz you can create blood from negative quantities.  AMAZING!

“The control he had, over someone as POWERFUL as me…” (referring to her father) – Um…Britney…pump the brakes.  You’re just an entertainer.  Your power is an illusion, you have fans but you don’t have ownership over your fans’ thoughts.  EGO…huge.

“…there was a chef who came there and cooked for me.” – Really bitch?  You poor thing.

Choppers, just listen to the whole “leaked audio” again.  Listen to it and HEAR what she’s saying.  Listen for the pauses and the cues.  Listen to the rhythm and cadence and intonation.

It’s BULLSHIT.  She’s a victim of her own family but she chooses to stay a victim.  I won’t lose sight of what’s important because some reality show, Madonna kissing, sniffing coke of a hard cock snorting, mayonnaise eating, choosing to have kids but not raise ’em having, partying on the beach going, flying around the world polluting, boo hoo hoo I’m oppressed sayin’…HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY…wants me to look at her and feel pity.


Meanwhile, this shit is being pushed thru my “feed” on Windows 10 and I don’t even know how the fuck that feed got on my machine cuz I never installed the shit:


Windows 10 News Feed




04/02 FNL Chopping Block cancelled.

Due to something that came up, Axe will not be able to do the FNL chopping block tonight. Axe will be doing SNL tomorrow and he may do some short content tonight.

Note: AxeTruth Rebirth has been put in YT jail and he is now streaming on AxeTruth 2.

03/29 Monday Chopping Block cancelled.

Due to a family emergency Axe was not be able to do the Monday chopping block tonight. He will be on tomorrow morning/noon for his morning show around 11am.

12/30 – No chopping block tonight.

Axe will not be going live tonight, but he will be doing a new years eve show tomorrow.

If you are not subscribed yet, please join our mailing-list to know when Axel will be going live again. As always, you can come to AxeTruth.com to see the same updates we send out if you don’t wish to subscribe.

Would you like a second opinion? I know I sure do!!


AxeTruth.com Author/Editor

I’m a 51 year old, Scorpio Tranny and Army Veteran who served during “Desert Storm” for a full year in Southwest Asia (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait). Married to a Socialist. View self as a Conservative / Constitutionalist / Nationalist. I’m retired and I live in “Lil Somalia, MN” (Minneapolis). Summers in Iceland.

COVID-19 Vaccine – Second Opinion

This video can be found on BitChute.  Please do not donate to my content, I do not monetize.  If you feel the desire to donate, please donate to AxeTruth.com  Thank you !

AxeTruth featured on TIME.com as “far right” & “conspiracy theorist”, “cashing in” on Corona.

AxeTruth on TIME.com

Choppers, Axe has been targeted. AxeTruth was featured in an image on TIME.com, that can been seen in search or on news aggregators using TIME.com’s RSS feed.

This is nothing but a hit piece on conservatives in attempt to possibly de-platform anyone who questions the narrative on the virus and to silence free speech on alternate platforms that allow it. When they start attacking the smaller platforms, you know that they are desperate. Links for the article and it’s aggregated feed can be found below along with it’s archive in case they delete or edit anything in the future.

Lynn Shaw

AxeTruth.com Author/Editor

Proud to come from a family of veterans, and because of that was able to spend part of my childhood living outside the USA, which only made me Love and appreciate my country and citizenship more than ever! Happily married mom of two adult daughters and various rescue dogs – all who have made my life richer and rewarding! 

I assume the photo featured in this article was published in black & white? How else can this DNC shill defend her trash article’s position that DLive is now a “haven for White Supremacists”! I also enjoy her sources, most of which are “anonymous” conveniently. The author is a passionate Leftist whose past articles reflect her off the charts TDS so much she still believes Trump colluded with Russia! DLive is mentioned so much and referred to by name so much that this article defines the term “hit job” and it will be interesting to see how DLive reacts to this blatant attack to their platform. On the other hand I can see a Streisand effect with more DLive traffic now, and I bet Axe’s subscriber count explodes 😄. The last sentence of the article is telling, noting that knucklehead Fuentes channel is able to get more viewers than the approved MSM outlets combined, which is why old, crusty, used to be legitimate Time magazine is on life support now. I’ll comment more later, and while it’s shocking to see Axe’s image used for this, it only confirms the huge impact he is making!

I wanted to add that it takes a completely delusional and brainwashed SJW that this author is (confirmed after a quick search of her other articles) to still believe in and attempt to call out “right-wing extremism”. It’s especially ridiculous considering the violence and deaths still occurring in major Democrat run cities is coming entirely from the Left, which maintains the riots were peaceful protests! She even doubles down on the absurd notion that it’s right-wingers cleverly disguised as Antifa that are responsible for any violence and crimes, LOL! Of course she has zero evidence to back any of her claims, when abundant evidence to the contrary exists despite every effort by publications such as Time to suppress and ignore the truth of what is going on, who is perpetrating the crimes and who have been charged for them.


(Archived: https://archive.fo/4NeeV)

(Archived: https://archive.fo/bulHq)

(Archived: https://archive.fo/NhpIc)

(Archived: https://archive.fo/Q4nPb)

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