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07/03 Content – The NY Times writes article saying US FLAG is symbol of political affiliation



The MSM is the enemy of the people. The NY times decides to write a FAKE story about people flying the flag as if its some sort of SYMBOL for being a conservative. They make claims we are a deeply divided nation, with no evidence of this other than the MSM pushing & manufacturing Divison . here the link to the article

A Fourth of July Symbol of Unity That May No Longer Unite
(Archived: https://archive.fo/XIqxz)

07/03 Content – Eboni K. Williams on #RHONY is the epitome of what’s wrong with Black Liberal Women



Eboni K. Williams is the latest TOKEN cast mate added to RHONY . As the Cut wrote a racist article claiming she is bringing BLACK EXCELLENCE to show. Eboni is the epitiome of what’s wrong with BLACK LIBERAL women.. they are indoctrinated with a fake oppression, and victimhood. This woman Eboni is so BASIC she has nothing to bring to the show but her BLACKNESS… that’s here storyline… Her net worth is 3 million dollars and she claims to have more EDUCATION than every woman on the cast of RHONY as if that means anything, because she’s not a WIFE, has never been a WIFE.

07/03 Content – We Are All In the Same Boat, A House Divided Can Not Stand



We are all in the same boat, the depopulation agenda is real & it not segregated to party affiliation , skin color, gender, or sexual orientation . The GLOBALIST NWO agenda is trying to destroy this country , by using divide and conquer strategy . As we are poision with all kind of toxins in the food, water, and air. A house divided can not stand . It is important now more than ever for use to UNITE as Americans to SAVE AMERICA… THE LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE.

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